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China’s new stimulus measures push Shanghai copper to a two-week high, with metals markets active

On Wednesday, the metal market on the Shanghai Futures Exchange was active, with the closing price of the main December copper contract hitting a two-week high, reaching 66,920 yuan per ton, an increase of 1.1%. This wave of copper price gains has been driven by improved demand prospects following China’s new stimulus measures.

Although the global economic situation remains complex and volatile, as the world’s largest metal consumer, the influence of China’s policies on the metal market cannot be ignored. The new stimulus measures launched by China this time are aimed at further boosting the domestic economy, which is undoubtedly a positive signal for the global metal market.

Led by Shanghai Copper, other metal prices have also risen. Shanghai aluminum reported 19,045 yuan per ton, up 1.44%; Shanghai zinc reported 21,240 yuan per ton, up 1.1%; Shanghai nickel reported 147,900 yuan per ton, up 0.6%; Shanghai tin reported 215,500 yuan per ton, up 0.84%; Shanghai lead It was quoted at 16,425 yuan per ton, down 0.2%. Although there have been ups and downs, the overall trend shows that the metals market is active driven by China’s stimulus measures.

Analysts believe that China’s new stimulus measures have had a positive impact on the metals market. As China’s economy recovers, demand for various metals will also increase, which will further drive up metal prices. In addition, as the global economic recovery process continues and new stimulus measures are introduced, the market is full of expectations for the demand outlook for metals.

It should also be noted that the metal market still faces many uncertainties. Global economic conditions remain complex and volatile, and risk factors such as trade protectionism and geopolitical tensions may still have an impact on the metals market. In addition, the supply and demand relationship in the metals market may also change.

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