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For copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin and nickel market status

Concerns over strong US labor data stimulating interest rate hikes, as overnight copper in London continued to fall by 0.55%, reaching a one-week low. Increased supply pressure due to stockpiling of copper concentrate in Indonesia has led to a significant reduction in domestic premiums, indicating an expected decline in copper prices today.

The sharp decline in the US stock market has caused market sentiment to collapse, with overnight aluminum in London weakly closing down by 0.33%. Pressure has increased on Shanghai aluminum, as the end-market enters a slow season with weak short-term demand. Spot trading is not ideal, and aluminum prices are expected to decline today.

The US dollar retreated, and overnight zinc in London closed up by 0.79%, rebounding from a one-week low. The import window for zinc ingots has opened, leading to an increase in imported zinc supply and adding pressure to the market. Downstream market transactions are average, and zinc prices are expected to slightly increase today.

As expectations of a Fed interest rate hike heat up, overnight lead in London continued to fall further, reaching a four-week low. Global manufacturing activity has slowed down, and lead-acid battery inventories remain high. Insufficient market consumption has put pressure on prices, and lead prices are expected to decline slightly today.

The US dollar surged and then retreated, while overnight tin in London closed up by 3.12%. As the deadline for the mining ban in Myanmar approaches, global supply of tin concentrates remains tight, supporting the upward trend in tin prices. However, market demand is weak, and tin prices are expected to rise today.

The booming US job market boosts expectations of an interest rate hike, while overnight nickel in London closed down by 0.14%. Increased production capacity of nickel for electric batteries has put pressure on nickel prices. The positive trend in new energy production and sales is observed, but downstream market trading is sluggish due to concerns over high prices. Nickel prices are expected to increase slightly today.

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