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Macroeconomic concerns combined with sluggish nickel spot market transactions; nickel prices may experience a slight decline on the 29th.

Futures Market: LME Closed with Low Activity; SHFE Nickel Down 1.05% Overnight. In the domestic futures market, SHFE Nickel experienced volatile trading during the night session, with a slight setback. The main contract SHFE Nickel 2310 closed at 167,190 yuan per ton, down 1,780 yuan, or 1.05%.

On August 25, LME reported nickel stockpiles of 36,936 tons, a decrease of 72 tons compared to the previous trading day.

Today, SHFE Nickel futures opened lower across the board. The main contract 2310 opened at 167,070 yuan, down 1,900, and at 9:20, the main contract 2310 closed at 166,500 yuan, down 2,470. SHFE Nickel continued to decline after the opening, with the market maintaining a shaky downward trend.

Overnight, with the U.S. banks closed for a holiday and LME closed for a day, market sentiment swung back and forth. There are concerns that the Federal Reserve may need to raise interest rates further, reigniting market anxiety. The ample supply of nickel has put pressure on prices, with spot premiums being adjusted downward. With sluggish downstream demand, nickel prices are expected to decline slightly today.

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Shanghai Aluminum’s supply and demand fundamentals are weakening, with aluminum prices expected to fall on July 5th.

Amid the tug-of-war between the US rate cut expectations and demand concerns, LME aluminum dropped 0.88% overnight; Shanghai aluminum’s supply and demand fundamentals are weakening, with spot consumption cautious and lacking in orders. Aluminum ingot social inventories continue to accumulate, suggesting a potential drop in aluminum prices today. The tug-of-war between US rate cut expectations

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According to Kailan International Steel Information on June 18, due to the strikes in some steel mills in recent weeks, European steel manufacturers have accumulated a large number of unplaced orders. On the basis of weak downstream demand, supply has become even weaker, leading to an increase in the transaction price of Italian plates. The

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Viewpoint: The macroeconomic guidance is neutral. The sentiment in the non-ferrous metals sector has significantly eased, showing a weak rebound. On the supply side, TC (Treatment Charges) remains sluggish, and the strong reality of tight marginal supply of copper concentrates continues. The previous high copper prices attracted extensive illegal mining in Peru, and whether production

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