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On the 18th, aluminum prices fell, and overall trading activity was moderate.

Today, Lun aluminum bottomed out and rebounded, LME three months at 15:01 Beijing time at 2202 US dollars/ton, up 6 US dollars from the previous trading day settlement price, an increase of 0.25%.

Today, Shanghai aluminum main month 2310 contract, opening 19280 yuan/ton, the highest day 19285 yuan/ton, the lowest 19050 yuan/ton, yesterday settled 19335 yuan/ton, the end of the day to 19195 yuan/ton, down 140 yuan, down 0.72%; Shanghai aluminum main month 2310 contract turnover of 208,409 lots increased by 72,643 lots, the position of 225,143 lots decreased by 22,616 lots. Shanghai aluminum weak operation today, the domestic production of primary aluminum in August exceeded expectations, coupled with a large number of imported aluminum supplies into the spot market, resulting in weak trading in the aluminum market, the market is waiting for consumption to pick up verification, aluminum prices for short-term shocks waiting for guidance.

Today, the spot transaction price of the Yangtze River is 19360-19400 yuan/ton, down 160 yuan, premium 200-240, flat; Guangdong spot 19130-19180 yuan/ton, down 170 yuan, discount 30-premium 20, up 235 yuan; Shanghai area 19370-19410 yuan/ton, down 160 yuan, premium 210-250, flat. Today, the aluminum market has stabilized and improved, and the cargo holder has traded on the price, and the cargo receiver has gradually increased after receiving the goods at a low price, but because the actual price is still high, the buyer only maintains just need, and the overall transaction activity is generally.

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