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Precious Metals: Safe-haven demand weakens, gold bearish, short-term waiting for new drivers

Gold: Today, Shanghai gold futures prices fluctuated downward. The main contract 2406 opened at 553.9 yuan/gram, with a high of 556.18 yuan/gram, a low of 543.72 yuan/gram, and a latest close of 544.84 yuan/gram.

Silver: Today, Shanghai silver futures prices fell. The main contract 2406 opened at 7,104 yuan/kg, with a high of 7,149 yuan/kg, a low of 6,955 yuan/kg, and a latest close of 6,989 yuan/kg, down 351 yuan, a decrease of 4.78%.

On the macro level, Federal Reserve officials have been speaking frequently, with many, including Powell, taking a hawkish stance, believing that inflationary pressures have not yet been relieved, so they are not in a hurry to cut interest rates. It is expected that interest rates will remain high for a longer period of time, and market expectations for a quick shift to loose monetary policy have cooled down. Inflation expectations have fallen, and the US dollar index remains high overall. With recent easing of geopolitical risks and investors’ concerns about Middle East conflicts easing, safe-haven sentiment for precious metals has cooled down, with both gold and silver falling. Investors are now waiting for the US Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index report to be released this Friday for more clues on the outlook for US interest rate cuts. In the short term, gold is expected to continue its weak and volatile trend. The recommended trading strategy is to buy hedging opportunities on dips and to avoid risks. It is expected that gold prices will remain weak and volatile in the short term.

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Recently, aluminum prices have surged in the global market, reaching a near two-year high. This increase is primarily driven by supply concerns. Global mining giant Rio Tinto has announced a force majeure event on third-party contracts at its alumina refinery in Queensland, Australia, further pushing aluminum prices up. It is understood that Rio Tinto’s alumina

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The New Science and Technology Progress column of the official website of the China Metal Society published the article “Research and Innovation on Key Technologies of High-Efficiency Low-Carbon High-Air Temperature Hot-blast Stoves” written by Shougang Group Co., Ltd., which introduced the relevant situation of this technology in detail and attracted the attention of the industry.

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