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Raymoo intelligent billet discharging system helps steel enterprises to improve production line efficiency

On the busy production line of a certain steel plant, another revolutionary technology developed by Leimu is quietly changing the traditional continuous casting production method of this steel plant, helping the steel plant achieve an automatic blanking rate of more than 99% without manual intervention. , which has brought significant benefits to steel plants in terms of job optimization, energy saving and consumption reduction, waste judgment optimization, intelligent scheduling, and digital billet casting, and is far ahead of other steel plants.

In the past, the continuous casting production line of the steel plant relied on manual operation. Workers manually transported the cast slabs, which was not only labor-intensive but also inefficient and error rates were unavoidable. The disorderly operation of the motor results in a waste of energy and excessive wear and tear on the equipment. The lack of information on and off stage also affects the smooth progress of production.
Since the introduction of the Leimu intelligent blanking system, all this has changed dramatically. Faced with the complex billet discharge process and changing equipment conditions, the laser billet intelligent billet discharge system is like a smart housekeeper, accurately controlling the fate of each billet. Leimu’s intelligent billet unloading system integrates the continuous casting secondary system and quality judgment subsystem. It also uses cutting-edge technologies such as machine vision, intelligent sensors and AI intelligent control to realize digital management and control of billets through image collection and intelligent analysis. Various sensors Precisely control the positioning and transmission of cast slabs to ensure the intelligence and visualization of the production process.

The system brings five major benefit highlights:


01.Position optimization

The shift from collaborative work by multiple people to supervision by one person significantly reduces labor costs.


02.Energy saving and consumption reduction

The roller table operates on demand, reducing energy consumption by 60%, and reducing the consumption of spare parts such as motors and roller tables by 20%.


03.Disposal optimization

The system accurately locates the abnormal billet position with an accuracy of ±50mm, effectively reducing cutting waste and improving the billet yield.


04.Intelligent scheduling

Intelligent scheduling is implemented for abnormal billet discharging, and the fully automatic utilization rate is as high as over 99%, ensuring stable and reliable billet discharging operation. billet

The process parameters are bound to the corresponding positions of the billet. All process data of any section of the billet can be viewed at any time, and a unique code is established for each billet. After cutting, the billet is tracked in real time with the code, and a virtual number can be transmitted to the rolling steel to achieve continuous casting. Production is visualized and management efficiency is significantly improved.
Since the system went online, the production line in the continuous casting and blanking area of ​​the steel plant has realized unmanned operation, and the level of intelligence has been significantly improved: production documents are fully electronic and production data is visualized, which greatly improves production efficiency and accuracy. The relevant person in charge of the steel plant spoke highly of the Leimu intelligent blanking system: “The system not only improves our production efficiency and accuracy, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. In the past, we always relied on telephone communication to estimate cutting costs. Now the system can automatically guide the scraping position, which is so convenient! ”

What’s more worth mentioning is that the Leimu intelligent blanking system can create millions of economic benefits for steel mills every year, and the investment cost can be recovered in just one year! At present, this system has been successfully applied in well-known steel plants such as Chongqing Iron and Steel, Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe, Xinjiang Bazhou, Wuzhou Jinhai and other well-known steel plants and has been widely recognized.
In the future, we look forward to working with more steel mills to jointly promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.

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