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The spot price of alumina is stable with a slight upward trend, and the trading volume of alumina is steadily increasing.

Today, alumina futures traded with a bias towards strength, as the main 2402 contract opened high and maintained a strong upward trend throughout the day. As of the 15:00 close, the main 2402 contract for alumina was reported at 3175 yuan, up 67 yuan or 2.16%. A total of 498,454 contracts were traded, an increase of 354,108 contracts or 245.32% from the previous trading day, with an open interest of 122,709 contracts, a decrease of 5,076 contracts or 4.0%.

Today, domestic spot prices for alumina remained stable with some increases. According to data from the China Nonferrous Metals Network (CCMN), on December 25th, the price of alumina in South China was between 2820-2940 yuan per ton, unchanged from the previous trading day; in East China, the price of alumina was between 2990-3030 yuan per ton, up 10 yuan from the previous trading day; in Southwest China, the price of alumina was between 3020-3030 yuan per ton, up 5 yuan per ton from the previous trading day; and in Northwest China, the price of alumina was between 3370-3380 yuan per ton, up 5 yuan from the previous trading day.

Today, alumina futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange traded with strength, with the main 2402 contract rising by 2.16% during the day. The domestic spot market for alumina remained stable with some increases, and trading activity in the spot market was lively, with a significant increase in trading volume and active market participation. Recently, an explosion at an oil depot in Guinea, a major supplier of bauxite, has raised concerns about a shortage of bauxite supply in the market. This event has had a significant impact on the price of alumina, pushing its price strongly upward. In addition, frequent accidents in the domestic mining industry and the continued decline in supply capacity in the Shanxi and Henan regions have further fueled bullish sentiment in the market. These factors have combined to drive the strong upward trend in alumina futures prices, marking the most significant bullish market since its listing.

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