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The Spring Festival library will be difficult to break through 18 days of lead prices or stable

Risk aversion to stimulate the dollar firming colored pressure, overnight London lead closed down 1.77%; Environmental protection restrictions repeatedly interfere with the start of recycled lead smelting, but the Spring Festival will be difficult to break through the lead price, and the current lead or stable.

Overnight London lead shock lower, open at $2097 / ton, high at $2097, low at $2054, the end of the day closed at $2057, down 37 yuan, down 1.77%; The volume of 8840 lots increased by 4321 lots, and the open position of 141,122 lots decreased by 3194 lots. In the evening, the main 2403 contract of Shanghai lead opened slightly higher and stabilized after the shock, closing at 16,220 yuan/ton, up 5 yuan, or 0.03%.

Today’s spot lead price forecast: US economic data pressure early interest rate cut optimistic expectations, risk aversion recovery to stimulate the US dollar index strengthened, the three major US stocks fell, non-ferrous metal rebound pressure, overnight London lead shock closed down 1.77% to $2057. Northern environmental protection limited production again and again, once interfered with the resumption of recycled lead smelters, less spot circulation of goods, the holder of the price sentiment is stronger, the downstream is still in the pre-Spring Festival stock stage, superimposed recently lead prices slightly lower to stimulate just need to meet the low stock will, supply and demand fundamentals are still strong support. However, approaching the Spring Festival holiday, downstream enterprises have entered the early holiday stage, inventory to reduce or gradually turn to the accumulation of inventory, it is difficult to have a large breakthrough space above the lead price, it is expected that the spot lead is stable.

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