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Will the stainless steel screen fade? What is the cause of the fading?

When we use colored stainless steel screens, there is a problem that bothers us. Is the stainless steel screen in the end will not fade. With proper daily maintenance, colored stainless steel screens will not fade after decades of use. Let me talk about several reasons for the fading of stainless steel color screens today.

1. Manufacturers cut corners:

We know that 201 stainless steel is more likely to rust than 304 stainless steel. But the price of 304 stainless steel is much higher than that of 201 stainless steel. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers use 201 stainless steel for fine grinding to fish in troubled waters to hide problems, and use 201 stainless steel for craftsmanship to disguise as 304 stainless steel, staged a civet cat for a prince. In doing so, during the electroplating process, the electroplating time is greatly shortened to save costs, and the coating, discoloration and other quality problems become unstable.

2. Product use environment

In fact, the bathroom is one of the important places to test the performance of materials. Bathroom cabinets are basically made of corrosion-resistant materials, so stainless steel decoration is the first choice for many people. Stainless steel decorative panels require a series of surface treatment processes to improve oxidation and corrosion resistance, but any material placed in a dark and humid environment will eventually be oxidized if not properly maintained.

Good production processes don’t go away. The fading problem is mainly related to the stainless steel screen material and the vacuum coating process. Rose gold is a common color for gold plating. Titanium coating can be divided into different processes. It is necessary to put the screen into the titanium plating furnace for more than 30 minutes. Titanium materials should meet the national A standard. We mainly use 304 stainless steel. High-quality metal stainless steel screens will not fade after thirty years of use.

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