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Copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel early assessment

Fed policy hawks helped the dollar surge, overnight London copper closed down 1.35%; The increase in LME inventories continues to weigh on market sentiment, and the fundamental oversupply of Shanghai copper has depressed price performance, and copper may fall today.

Us stocks plunged to a new low of more than half a year, overnight Lun aluminum closed down 1.42%; Domestic electrolytic aluminum smelting profits are high, stimulate production pressure aluminum prices, holders of high positive shipment downstream demand is limited, expected to fall in aluminum today.

Unemployment data reinforced tightening expectations, overnight the index closed down 0.49 percent; Loose and high profit zinc ingots continued to increase the supply pressure, but under the support of stocking demand before the long holiday, the current or zinc rise and fall is limited.

The hawkish speech of the Federal Reserve boosted the dollar, the overnight volatility of London lead closed down 1.09%; In October, the risk of stocking has not yet lifted the volatility of Shanghai lead, and the high cost pressure has suppressed the enthusiasm of downstream storage enterprises to produce, and lead is expected to fall today.

Fed more than expected hawkish US stocks sold off, overnight Lensch closed down 2.23%; The macro atmosphere is bearish commodity futures are weak, the starting rate of tin solder is rising, and the double section stock is gradually coming to an end, and tin is now falling.

The US dollar refreshed the six-month high metal market pressure change, overnight London nickel closed down 1.99%; Macro negative and pure nickel supply, excess expectations under the inventory continued to accumulate, but nickel prices fell to attract bargain buying, nickel is expected to fall.

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