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The Fed exceeded expectations of hawkish US stocks were sold 22 days or the price of tin fell

Futures market: Fed more than expected hawkish US stocks sold off, overnight Lensch closed down 2.23%; The latest close was 25,590, down 585 dollars or 2.23% from the previous trading day, with 451 lots traded, an increase of 47 lots from the previous trade, and a decrease of 154 positions of 14778; Domestic, the night Shanghai tin low open lower, shock setbacks; The main contract Shanghai Tin 2310 closed at 221,230 yuan/ton, down 640 yuan, or 0.29%.


London Metal Exchange (LME) on September 21 Lensi inventories reported 6,925 tons, an increase of 120 from the previous trading day.

Today, Shanghai tin futures opened lower across the board, the main month 2310 contract opened at 219000 down 120,9:20 minutes Shanghai tin main 2310 contract at 219000 down 1900; Shanghai tin open low open low, the disk to maintain weak shocks; The macro atmosphere is bearish commodity futures are weak, the tin solder operating rate is rising, the double section stock is gradually coming to an end, the downstream consumption inventory is slowly accumulating, and the tin is now falling.

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