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German aluminum production fell significantly in the third quarter, and the industry faces challenges

According to foreign media reports on November 8, according to a recent report released by the German Aluminum Association (Aluminum Deutschland), Germany’s aluminum production experienced a significant decline in the third quarter of this year. The report shows that during the quarter, primary aluminum production fell by nearly 50%, and the manufacturing of semi-finished aluminum products also experienced high single-digit percentage declines.

Specific data shows that primary aluminum production decreased by 8% in the third quarter to approximately 774,000 tons. In the first three quarters of this year, total output was slightly more than 2.3 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 11%. What is even more noteworthy is that primary aluminum production dropped sharply by 48% from January to September, with smelter output reaching approximately 147,000 tons. This is a huge decrease compared with 391,000 tons in the same period last year (the first three quarters of 2021).

In addition, the report also noted that the output of further processing aluminum into semi-finished products also dropped significantly by 8% in the third quarter, resulting in output of nearly 607,000 tons. This shows that not only raw aluminum production, but also Germany faces challenges in processing aluminum into higher-grade products.

The report offers a number of possible explanations for this apparent downward trend. First, it may be due to continued uncertainty in the global economy, including supply chain disruptions, energy crises and other factors. These factors can make aluminum production and processing difficult.

Secondly, it may be due to the decline in market demand. As the global economy slows down, demand for aluminum may also be reduced, which may have a direct impact on Germany’s aluminum industry.

Finally, it may also be due to increased environmental protection requirements. In recent years, the world has paid increasing attention to environmental protection issues. As an energy-intensive industry, the production process of the aluminum industry has a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, the increase in environmental protection requirements may cause the German aluminum industry to face greater pressure and challenges in the production process.

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