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Tertiary Minerals: Copper plays a key role in the clean energy transition and there will be future supply shortages

According to foreign news on November 6, copper miner Tertiary Minerals reiterated its view that copper is the most important metal in the clean energy transition. As a key raw material for electric vehicles, the wind and solar industry, and energy storage solutions, copper’s future fundamentals are painted as very strong.

In a statement released by Tertiary Minerals, Tertiary Minerals highlighted copper’s important role in power transmission, calling it the “lifeblood” of the green energy transition. The company forecasts a long-term copper supply shortage as supply from existing mines is declining and supply from new mines is constrained. This forecast creates huge investment opportunities for copper explorers and miners.

Patrick Cheetham, executive chairman of Tertiary Minerals, said: “Our focus is copper. Copper forms the veins and arteries that deliver electricity, and electricity is the ‘lifeblood’ of the green energy transition. Copper fundamentals will be strong in the future, and existing mine supply is at a Downward trajectory.” He further emphasized that this trend will provide the company with more opportunities in future operations.

This announcement further highlights copper’s critical role in driving the global clean energy transition. As one of the best conductive metals, copper is widely used in the power and energy industry, serving as an integral component in everything from cables and circuit boards to wind power turbines and electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Despite the huge demand, supply pressure is gradually increasing. Global copper supplies are facing increasing challenges as the development and construction of new mines takes time and existing mines are gradually depleted. This also allows companies like Tertiary Minerals to see new business opportunities.

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