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Say “NO” to foreign high-price monopolies! The core technology of the laser probe series has been independently controlled by domestic manufacturers!

Since 2010, Leimu Company has always adhered to the core concepts of technological innovation and precision manufacturing, committed to the independent research and development of metallurgical probes, and successfully launched a series of products including oxygen-determining probes, auxiliary gun probes, grenade-type probes and hydrogen-determining probes. A variety of high-quality probe products. With its profound accumulation in the field of probe production, the company has a production base of more than 10,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of up to 1 million probes. It strictly follows the ISO quality management system to ensure that every probe shipped out of the factory exceeds industry standards. The probe products independently developed by Leimu Company have won wide recognition in the market for their fast detection speed, convenient operation and high accuracy. These probes can adapt to the needs of various smelting environments and provide strong technical support for steel companies. Among them, the combination of the laser-mesh sub-lance probe and the converter sub-lance system enables real-time monitoring of key parameters of molten steel; the laser-mesh grenade probe cooperates with relevant mechanisms and instruments to achieve real-time detection of the temperature and oxygen content of molten steel; and Radium mesh hydrogen determination probes are used in a variety of situations, effectively optimizing the ladle dehydrogenation process, reducing costs, and improving the quality of molten steel. It is particularly worth mentioning that, as the company’s star product, the Radium Oxygen Determination Probe has received unanimous praise from customers for its efficient, accurate and stable performance. For a long time, the core technology of oxygen-determining probes has been monopolized by foreign countries, and domestic steel companies have had to rely on high-priced imported probes, which has undoubtedly restricted the development of my country’s steel industry. Faced with this dilemma, the scientific research team of Leimu Company overcame the difficulties, successfully mastered the core technology of oxygen determination probes, and independently developed an oxygen determination probe with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands. Leimu Technology’s oxygen-determining probes show stronger competitive advantages in key materials and core components. They have the characteristics of high precision, high reproducibility and high measurement yield, and are equipped with Chinese instruments and complete after-sales service. Radium oxygen detectors are divided into high-oxygen type and low-oxygen type, which have different application advantages for different smelting scenarios. The high-oxygen probe is suitable for high-temperature and high-oxygen environments such as converters and electric furnaces, and can quickly measure carbon content; while the low-oxygen probe is suitable for lower oxygen content conditions such as LF refining furnaces and RH refining furnaces, and can accurately measure the temperature and oxygen content of molten steel. content, enabling rapid measurement of acid-soluble aluminum and other indicators. In addition, its temperature measurement thermocouple has an accuracy of ±0.5°C, an oxygen potential accuracy of ±3mV, and a measurement success rate of over 98%, demonstrating excellent performance. The four outstanding advantages of the Leimu Oxygen Determination Probe further consolidate its leading position in the market. 1.Wide oxygen measurement range It can meet the full range of steelmaking oxygen measurement needs of 1-1500ppm. 2.High quality The measurement accuracy, reproducibility and measurement yield have all reached the international advanced level. 3.High cost performance With completely independent intellectual property rights, key materials and components are independently developed and produced, and the price is more advantageous. 4. Perfect after-sales system The professional technical service team provides around-the-clock exclusive technical services to ensure that customers receive the best after-sales support. At present, more than 20 well-known steel companies, including Nanjing Iron and Steel, Xiangtan Iron and Steel, Jiugang, Zhongtian Iron and Steel, Tangshan Stainless Steel, etc., have been using Radium Technology’s oxygen probes for a long time and have spoken highly of them. This fully proves the company’s outstanding performance in product quality and innovation capabilities, as well as its always-adherent “customer first” service spirit.

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