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September 20th Morning Analysis of Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin, and Nickel

Caution Prevails in the Lead-Up to the FED Decision; Overnight London Copper Falls by 0.51%: Global Copper Stockpiles Accumulate, Domestic Spot Supply Abundant, Exerting Downward Pressure on Copper Prices, while the Eleven Holiday Restocking Has Not Yet Commenced, Potentially Leading to Further Copper Declines.

Both Stocks and Crude Oil Decline; Overnight London Aluminum Edges Down by 0.07%: Yunnan’s Full Production in August and Gradual Increase in Imports Form Supply Shocks, with No Significant Indication of Peak Season Demand, Indicating a Potential Aluminum Decline Today.

Lack of Confidence Ahead of the Central Bank Interest Rate Announcement; Overnight London Zinc Retraces and Drops by 1.97%: Cumulative Pressure on Zinc-Coated Pipe Production Due to Slower Demand Growth and Overcapacity Trends, Potentially Leading to Zinc Declines Today.

High Interest Rates in the Eurozone Suppress Economic Activity; Overnight London Lead Falls by 1.22%: Shanghai Lead Holdings Remain High, Leading to Higher Liquidity Premiums, Weakening Downstream Enterprises’ Willingness to Accept Deliveries; Additionally, Recent Social Warehouses Continue to Accumulate, Leading to a Slight Lead Decline Today.

Caution Among Investors as the FED Interest Rate Decision Approaches; Overnight London Tin Falls by 0.36%: The Ban on Mining in Myanmar’s Wa State Has Not Ended Yet, with Slightly Increased Purchasing Activity Downstream Ahead of the Holiday; LME Tin Slightly Depletes, Potentially Leading to a Small Increase in Tin Today.

Weakening U.S. Dollar; Overnight London Nickel Slightly Rises by 0.55%: Expectations of Nickel Surplus and Accumulated Inventories Exert Pressure on Nickel Prices; However, Policy Support for the Rise of the New Energy Industry Boosts Demand for Nickel Sulfate, Leading to Market Absorption of Just-in-Time Inventory, Potentially Resulting in a Small Nickel Increase Today.

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