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Vale: Confident in the Chinese market

On the morning of December 5, Vale’s annual event “Vale Day 2023” for capital market participants was held in London, England.

Marcello Spinelli, executive vice president of Vale Iron Ore Solutions, gave a speech titled “The Growth and Quality of Iron Ore” at the event. “The resilience of China’s economy is much stronger than we expected.” Sima Sheng said, “China is already leading the global energy transformation. They are producing high-quality products such as electric vehicles, batteries, and photovoltaic products. They need more high-quality sheets. ”
In the question and answer session after the speech, Sima Sheng once again expressed his confidence in the Chinese market. He said: “China is our long-term partner. We have also carried out in-depth cooperation with China in the fields of services, mixing, mineral processing and other fields.” Sima Sheng said.
It is reported that China has been Vale’s largest market since 2006, and has been the sales destination for more than 50% of Vale’s iron ore products since 2014. Up to now, Vale has supplied more than 3 billion tons of high-quality iron ore products to China. In the first three quarters of 2023, Vale has supplied more than 125 million tons of high-quality iron ore products to China.

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